Batch 76 (?) – All-Malt Lager

Batch 76: All-Malt Lager

My batch numbers might be mixed up, I may or may not sort that out.

Brewing: brewed March 15th.  OG 1.050.  Big boilover, long cleanup, but everything went fine on the beer side.

It was an 18 gallon batch, two vessels of pale lager and a third that got an addition to make it a Dark American Lager.  To make the dark share, I put a half-pound of crushed Carafa II (or III?  See recipe/BCS book) in 2 quarts of hot water, steeped it like a big tea bag til it cooled, then added to fermenter.

Fermentation: fermented in 50F ambient cellar space.  Pulled up to 64F for a diacetyl rest around 1.020 gravity, which was 5 days (CCYL lager yeast) and 7 days (single pack pitch of 34/70).  Let sit around in 64F for a couple more weeks.

Packaging: kegged the CCYL batch on April 11th, it finished around 1.000 FG for a bit over 6% ABV.


Recipe and batch notes: