I’m Sam Firke.  I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I make and improve things in my free time; sometimes I write about it.  Here was my my original plan for my blog.

Things I do include:

  • Data analysis with open-source software.  I created the janitor R package and still maintain it.  Most of my professional focus these days is on Superset, the leading open-source BI platform.  Like Tableau, but free, open-source, and still a little rough around the edges 😉
  • Co-work at the Workantile co-working community, where I serve on the board as Treasurer.
  • Go around town on an electric-assist cargo bike.  It’s a delight.
  • Mend and create things – I’m active at All Hands Active makerspace.
  • Cook and eat plant-based food, sometimes sharing recipes here.
  • Write.  I drafted my first novel in 2022.  2023 Sam says: this year I’m finishing it!
  • Learn about trees and animals
  • Skateboard

As a result, my blogging is all over the place, topic-wise.  My hope is that a few people who care about me as a person enjoy the wide range of topics and others find individual posts via search engines.

In 2021 I began working for the City of Ann Arbor.  In the posts on this blog, and anywhere on the internet, I speak only for myself, not for the city.  I’m leaving up past posts I wrote about Ann Arbor-related topics and policy, for instance, The North Maple Cycle Track.  But going forward, I expect to be getting my fill of municipal thinking & service at work and focusing my personal energy and writing elsewhere.

Elsewhere on the web

I’m on Mastodon at @samfirke@a2mi.social and you can follow me from an account on any Mastodon instance.  Mastodon is like Twitter, except open-source, without ads or surveillance, and (unfortunately) without the user base.  That can only be addressed by making the switch.

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Thanks Peter! I have been off Twitter for a while but saw a recent spike in janitor attention and was able to trace it back to Allison’s amazing graphic. It’s on my list to email her to say thanks and to incorporate into the official janitor documentation, if she allows that.

Sorry for the slow reply! A colleague of mine ran point on the Azure side, so I’m not an expert there, but I think I have some screenshots on my work computer. If this is still relevant, join the Superset Slack and tag me in a post (@Sam Firke there) or start a Github discussion in that repo and tag me @sfirke and I’ll do my best to respond there.

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